Pillsman Partners, LLC invests in growing companies with well-defined business models. We are investors not operators, but we have a hands-on approach that aims to help companies navigate through important growth phases of their businesses. Our philosophy is focused on maintaining a creative and flexible approach to all opportunities, while striving to create win-win scenarios for all constituents, including owners and managers, investors and capital partners as well as intermediaries and service providers.


  • Holistic analysis emphasizing synthesis of fragmented seemingly disconnected data points
  • Focus on opportunities that will benefit from our combined business experience
  • Emphasis on niche, growth opportunities within more mature markets
  • Alliance with management teams who are active, experienced and committed to growth
  • Intensive work and collaboration with management to identify actionable opportunities and
    specific growth levers
  • Particular attention paid to downside risk identification and mitigation

Strategic and Operational Guidance

  • Active board level engagement to formulate and execute strategic plans
    • Establish growth initiatives, build relationships and expand distribution channels
    • Address inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and other operational challenges
  • Build critical management capabilities and an appreciation for business improvement

Strong Focus on Governance

  • Compensation and incentive plans
  • Definition of key responsibilities and business objectives
  • Prioritization of strategic imperatives

Flexibility, Fairness and Transparency

  • Approach each company with respect and encourage an open dialogue with management
  • Establish strong rapport and close, working relationships with all key constituents
  • Satisfy requirements and preferences of owners, sellers and management
  • Deal structure and transaction type:
    • Expansion, growth and acquisition capital, MBOs, buyouts and recapitalizations
    • Structures that allow sellers to participate in future upside of the business
    • Cash out, seller notes, earn-outs, roll-over equity and management co-investment
    • Owner liquidity, succession and estate planning
  • Typical investment horizon of 3 - 7 years with the potential for longer holding periods
  • Invest in or acquire companies at a reasonable valuation

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