Kennenth G. Such


Kennenth G. Such is an Operating Partner at Pillsman Partners, LLC.

Ken’s industry experience includes industrial computers, electronics, automotive products, industrial and consumer electronics, aerospace, military hardware and medical products. He has lectured on consumer electronics in Taiwan, China (Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong) and has consulted for various articles in trade publications. Ken is also a partner at Chartered Management which specializes in international manufacturing and design engineering companies. He is well versed in strategic planning, new business development, financial management, and global market expansion.

Ken has assisted numerous clients with cost avoidance, mergers and acquisitions, operating infrastructure improvements, competitive market positioning, strategic sales, relationship management, capital budgeting, turnarounds, and manufacturing integration. His project and program management, international sourcing, continuous process improvement, and consensus building skills make him a valued member of any team.

Most recently, Ken was Chief Operations Officer of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, the $3.6 billion Japan-based manufacturer of metals and ceramics. There, he was responsible for manufacturing all passive electronic components, ceramics, and other precious metal items associated with semiconductor manufacturing, including manufacturing plants located in Asia. Ken managed all sales, marketing, and program management functions while coordinating engineering between US and Asian factories.

Earlier, Ken was a Director of Product Introduction for Flextronics International where he drove cost reduction programs, including lead-time management, value engineering, supplier management, and economic order quantities. He also instituted new models in supply chain optimization and directed the assessment of supply chain and role responsibilities following implementation. Prior to Flextronics, Ken was a General Manager in the Electron Controls Group at Schott North America. There, he led approximately 300 personnel in production, 27 design engineers, and 23 administrative staff at Wheaton, Illinois facility and additional engineering and sales staff of 10 based in Mainz, Germany for EU customers. While at Wheaton, Ken held complete P&L accountability.

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